I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. I lead a group of researchers working at the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision with a focus on computational photography and image manipulation. Our long-term goal is to connect the ways we understand and process digital imagery with human cognition and artistic expression. We are a part of the rich visual computing environment at SFU CS.
My doctoral research has been on novel representations for images that allow easier analysis of photographs with applications to realistic image editing and movie post-production. I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich under supervision of Marc Pollefeys. During my PhD, I spent a year at MIT CSAIL with Wojciech Matusik's group and 3 years at Disney Research Zurich.


2020-09-12 CMPT 361 - Introduction to Computer Graphics (and Vision) course website is online. My lectures will be broadcast publicly on Youtube, the first lecture is here.
2020-09-10 Our CMPT 361 class was on strike today protesting racist police brutality in Canada. This message on media literacy replaced my lecture today..
2020-08-25 As Chris Careaga and Mahesh Reddy join us as PhD students, our group page is online.
2020-06-02 Read about our collaboration with Providence Health Care for an assistive diagnosis tool for COVID-19 on SFU News.