I am an assistant professor in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. I lead the Computational Photography Lab, where we focus on mid-level vision problems with applications to AI-assisted image editing and video production. We work in our computational photography studio, conducting research in an active production environment.
My doctoral research was on novel representations for images that allow easier analysis of photographs with applications to realistic image editing and movie post-production. I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich under supervision of Marc Pollefeys. During my PhD, I spent a year at MIT CSAIL with Wojciech Matusik's group and 3 years at Disney Research Zurich.

Our research playlist:


2024-06 Our SIGGRAPH 2024 paper Scale-Invariant Monocular Depth Estimation via SSI Depth is online. Watch our video, produced in our studio, here.
2024 I am serving on the Pacific Graphics 2024 Program Committee. Join the conference in October!
2024 I am serving on the ECCV 2024 Program Committee. Join the conference in September!
2023-11 Our SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 paper Intrinsic Harmonization for Illumination-Aware Compositing is online. Watch our video, produced in our studio, here.
2023-11 Our ACM Transactions on Graphics 2023 paper Intrinsic Image Decomposition via Ordinal Shading is online. Watch our video, produced in our studio, here.
2023-06 Our CVPR 2023 paper Realistic Saliency Guided Image Enhancement is online. Watch our video, produced in our studio, here.
2023-04 Our CVPR 2023 paper Computational Flash Photography through Intrinsics is online with the accompanying dataset. You can check out Sepideh's MSc work for a more detailed look.
2022 I am serving on the ICCV 2023 Program Committee. Submit your work in March!
2022-12 Mahesh Kumar Krishna Reddy successfully defended his MSc thesis on Monocular Depth Estimation. He is joining Qualcomm as a research engineer, good luck!
2022-12 Sepideh Sarajian Maralan successfully defended her MSc thesis on Flash Photography. She is joining MARZ as a research engineer, good luck!
2022-08 S. Mahdi H. Miangoleh recently defended his MSc thesis titled Boosting Monocular Depth Estimation to High Resolution, becoming the first graduate of our group!
2022-08 Our interactive depth editing interface is released. We are presenting it as a poster at SIGGRAPH 2022. Check out the project web page here.
2022-08 We are publishing two tools for indie game developers at SIGGRAPH 2022 Posters, developed by undergraduate SFU students for CMPT 461 - Computational Photography. DynaPix allows creating relightable assets on Krita, while our Parallax Background Generation method generates infinite 2.5 textures.
2022-04 I served on the ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Posters Jury. Join the conference in August!
2022-01-01 The webpages for my two courses this semester, CMPT 361 - Intro Visual Computing and CMPT 461/769 - Computational Photography are online. Both courses are completely remote.
2021-10 Obumneme Dekor and Ari Blondal are joining our group this semester!
2021-09 Our School of Athens high-resolution depth estimation result has been featured as one of the Best Science Images of the Month by Nature!
2021-09 Our Boosting Monocular Depth Estimation work has been covered by PetaPixel!
2021-08-10 We will receive investment from the CFI’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund to setup a computational photography studio! Read the news story here.
2021-08-10 SFU has published a news story about our high-resolution monocular depth estimation work.
2021-06-30 Our EGSR paper on video-based rendering of dynamic environments is online, check out the publication page for more details.
2021-06-01 Our CVPR paper on high-resolution monocular depth estimation is online!. Check out the project page for video, implementation, and more!
2021-05 I am serving on Pacific Graphics 2021 Program Committee. Submission deadlines are approaching!
2021-02 I served on the ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Technical Papers Program Committee. Join the conference in August!