Code & Data

Public Software and Datasets

The implementation of the high-resolution monocular depth estimation method presented in our CVPR 2021 paper.
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The Flash and Ambient Illuminations Dataset (FAID) consists of aligned flash-only and ambient-only illumination pairs captured with mobile devices by many crowd-workers participated in our collection effort. This dataset accompanies our ECCV 2018 paper.
author={Ya\u{g}{\i}z Aksoy and Changil Kim and Petr Kellnhofer and Sylvain Paris and Mohamed Elgharib and Marc Pollefeys and Wojciech Matusik},
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title={A Dataset of Flash and Ambient Illumination Pairs from the Crowd},

The implementation of the spectral segmentation method presented in our namesake SIGGRAPH paper.
author={Ya\u{g}{\i}z Aksoy and Tae-Hyun Oh and Sylvain Paris and Marc Pollefeys and Wojciech Matusik},
title={Semantic Soft Segmentation},
journal={ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. SIGGRAPH)},
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This toolbox includes a collection of common affinity-based image matting algorithms as well as matte refinement methods used by sampling-based image matting methods. It features the only public (re-)implementation of information-flow matting, a faster implementation of matting Laplacian and a faster trimap trimming. The parameters for each algorithm are easily customizable. The toolbox is designed to be ease of use for an extended set of applications. Sparse affinity matrices defined and used in common matting method can be obtained by calling the corresponding functions. Please check the github page for more information and the source code.
author={Ya\u{g}\{i}z Aksoy},
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